April 30, 2015

Build a Listening Machine to Optimize Customer Feedback

Optimizing customer feedback is one of the most straightforward ways to garner the momentum for customer focus, yet most companies don’t do it in an organized way. You don’t need to spend millions on a “satisfaction” survey. You have the information right at your fingertips. All you have to do is listen to customers tell you what is broken and fix it

June 26, 2014

CX Competency 3: Customer Listening

Every day customers tell you about what’s broken and what’s getting in the way of their wanting to do more business with you.

Every day thousands of comments and feedback come in through your company pipes. But are you tracking it, prioritizing it and attaching accountability by area to the problems?

The Customer Journey Map image
June 10, 2014

CX Competency 2: Align Operations Around Experience

This is the platform work for a customer experience transformation journey. The significance of aligning the experience is huge. Not enough companies understand that this is the first “duct tape” exercise to get your organization moving together in one direction – and that’s to agree on the stages of your customer experience.

November 13, 2013

Have You Implemented Customer Listening Accountability?

Implementing customer listening accountability is prescribed often, but very few do it well. Without the clarity of which feedback goes to what area, you’re collecting more data to add to the piles you already have. Every piece of incoming feedback has to have an operating area that will be held accountable.

customer attrition
August 6, 2010

Five Steps for Regaining Customer Trust and Customer Revenue

Every business has customers who have departed and there are a variety of reasons that prompt departure.
How you react to the departure will either validate that they left for a good reason or begin the process of bringing back that customer (and that customer revenue).
Companies that do a great job of winning back departed customers will frequently have a stronger relationship as a result. Follow these five steps to identify and regain customer trust and relationships…