February 26, 2019

Turn “Gotcha” Moments into “We’ve Got Your Back” Moments

If you have “ifs, ands, or buts” in your language, you’re at risk for delivering “gotcha” moments. Our companies’ opportunities are to create “we’ve got your back” moments, in which customers feel like we have their best interests at heart. How should your company shift, and what are the returns on that investment once you do? I explore in today’s video.

The Customer Journey Map image
June 10, 2014

CX Competency 2: Align Operations Around Experience

This is the platform work for a customer experience transformation journey. The significance of aligning the experience is huge. Not enough companies understand that this is the first “duct tape” exercise to get your organization moving together in one direction – and that’s to agree on the stages of your customer experience.

July 19, 2012

7. CEOs Should Insist on Corporate Patience Required to Drive Customer Experience Transformation

The CEO must set realistic expectations that this is at minimum a five-year path.

The customer experience work is not for the mild-hearted or for the quarterly inclined. People are going to need to understand that this is a multi-year endeavor. It will be the executive sponsor’s job to get everyone to stay the course.