Jeanne Bliss Tom Allin
January 10, 2017

President Obama’s Chief Veterans Experience Officer, With Tom Allin – CB34 [PODCAST]

Tom Allin worked in the Veterans Affairs department (appointed by Obama, in fact) after a long career in the food industry, including being a Managing Director at McDonald’s. How do all these experiences vary? How are they similar? An interesting discussion with an interesting man.

Privately-Held Company CCO Work
June 21, 2016

Being CCO Of A Privately-Held Company, With Nick Frunzi [CB10] [PODCAST]

CCO work can be challenging in any context. What happens in a privately-held company, where one family may have owned it for decades and employees are used to one specific way of approaching customer experience?

July 24, 2012

Skills that Bridge the Execution Chasm for Both Customer Service and Marketing

There are skill sets specific to driving customer change that need to be present when doing this customer experience work. They are not obvious or natural skills considered necessary to the running of an operating area.

When you’re making a decision about where the customer work should be led from (customer service or marketing), don’t just layer it on the existing mission. Make sure that you provide the people with the skill sets to get the job done effectively.