4 Steps to Improve Customer Experience At Your SaaS Organization

Have you just become a C-Suite leader for your B2B organization’s customer experience? Or maybe you’re looking to elevate and become a CX leader — if so, you’ll find this episode valuable. We’re revisiting snippets of conversations with previous guests this summer, and in this episode, we’ll hear from Yellowfin’s CCO, Lee Roquet and former CCO of Rigor, Francis Cordon.

Both leaders share tactics that they implemented in the first few months of their role at these SaaS companies. I encourage you to listen to the episode, especially Francis’s segment, where he talks about the concept of FAAS (Fast As A Service).

Bucket Your Work Into Different Categories

Upon starting his role at Yellowfin, a company that offers business intelligence reporting and analytics software, Lee already had a plan to assess the work that he needed to do. He shares that he created a process for himself to assess situations by bucketing things into the following categories: product, people, and systems and process.

Analyze the product: Lee knew they had a good product, but he also needed a better understanding of customer issues and what could be improved. So he took the product training courses that customers initially go through, in order to understand the experience from their POV.

People: How are customers trained? How are they helped, and how do they feel at the end of the process? Lee spent time gathering feedback from customers to understand their pain points with the product and experience as a whole, so he could work with his team to make improvements.

Systems and process: Lee looked at some of the standard requests that came in from the support teams. He wanted a better understanding of what was done for the development of the product roadmap and how customer issues were handled. After analyzing these internal processes, Lee developed a system to improve the ticketing process for employees handling customer issues.

Lee also shares that ultimately, this was a plan that he knew would take at least a year to start penetrating the organization, with multiple years needed for full effect. He says that even at the two-year mark, he was still the major force championing this project. So, don’t get discouraged when it comes to this work and looking for success.

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Provide Value, Create Internal Metrics, and Help Customers Achieve Their KPIs

As former CCO of Rigor, a company that provides performance monitoring and optimization software, Francis Cordon was extremely passionate about his work to transform the company’s customer experience. He was once a customer utilizing a SaaS product service and was able to understand the importance of truly having a valuable relationship with a vendor. Given this experience, he made it his mission to empower his employees to create strong connections and provide valuable services to customers.

When he stepped into his role, Francis did the following: 

Integrate his team: Francis understood that customer success doesn’t just come from post-sales. He worked with pre and post-sales teams, and customer/tech support to get them on the same page in terms of fostering customer success. 

Communicate the importance of providing value: When customers renew with you and upgrade services, you’re developing a successful relationship. Francis had his employees think through the ways they could be of more assistance to customers; they need to offer services and support that would enable the customer to truly sell the product internally to their boss and team.

Establish KPIs: What are your current conversion rates? Francis wanted to develop something that was measurable that he could hold his team accountable for. Also, it’s important to know what your customer’s KPIs are, so you can help them reach their goals and showcase the value of your product. 

Francis shares that once his employees became more empathetic with their customers, there was a shift in relationships that proved to be extremely beneficial for the company.

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  • These are very good steps to take when beginning a CX success journey and very practical too. CX improvement takes time and it’s more sustainable when you kick it off from an outside in perspective and categorize your improvement structure. Really great read.

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