Make A Choice About How You Want To Show Up in the Marketplace

As we take time to relax, spend time with our families, or ponder on how to best close out the fourth quarter, I’d like to share a few words with you. This is a reminder, especially as we’re in the bustling holiday season, that the decisions you make in business, measure the depth of your humanity: your ability to apply that simple Golden Rule. Treat others as you want to be treated.

It’s about how you choose to correct something that goes wrong, how steadfast you are in delivering the goods, how you ensure quality and give people what they need to do these things. These cumulative behaviors expose what you value.

The actions that flow from these decisions expose the kind of people you are. When you honor your customers and employees, they tell your story for you. They become the army that markets your products and services every day around the world.

We all know that love is irrational. Customer love is a reward for what some consider irrational business behavior. The make-mom-proud companies get a disproportionate piece of the pie because they aren’t always looking over their shoulders at what each decision will get them. They choose to grow by taking actions in business that line up with actions they’d take at home, with their mom.

So make a choice. With each shipment you make, with each tweet, with every hello and good-bye, with each good moment and every challenging one, make a choice about how you want to show up in the marketplace. Decide how you want customers and employees to define who you are and what you value, based on the behaviors you bring to work with you. Making it happen begins with how you choose to grow. Are you ready?

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