It’s More than Action, it’s Intent and Motivation

Many companies try to copy the actions that result from beloved companies’ decisions. The fact of the matter is decisions that earn customer love are not easily reached. To achieve the same impact, what enabled the decision must exist. You must get beyond the decision itself and possess what lies beneath it.

  • What is the intent at the core of the decision?
  • What motivated leaders and employees to make their decisions?

It’s the intent (the “what”) and the motivation (the “why”) behind decisions that bond people with companies.

When your intent (what you want to accomplish) and your motivation (the reason why you make your decision) are driven by your awareness of and empathy for the people impacted by your decisions, the outcomes will set you apart. The humanity and empathy of your decisions will connect you emotionally with customers. And those customers will grow your business by telling the story of their experiences to everyone they know.

In uncovering intention and motivation, what becomes clear is that beloved companies defy traditional practices and resist restricting customers and employees with a set of rules and regulations.

With each shipment you make, with each call, with each customer contact, decide what you want your customers to get from you. Decide how you want them to describe you. Choose what story you want them to tell about your products and services. Making it happen begins with how you make decisions. It’s about the intent and motivation that guide them.  Are you ready?

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  • The simplest way to get these points through to employees is by training them to view each situation from the customer’s point of view.

    If your employee bought one of your products, took it home and found it to be defective how would she (or he) feel about that and what would they “want” your company to do about it?

    This is not the same as what the customer “expects” the company to do.

    The difference between a customer’s expectation and what they actually want is the difference between good and great customer service.

    When your employees are able to exceed what the customer “wants” you have reached “extreme” customer service and are on the way to becoming a Beloved Company.

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