Unite the Leadership Team on Customer Asset Growth

customer asset growth

Is your leadership team united in focusing on customer asset growth?

The power of Competency one is building your version of how you can measure the growth or loss of your customer asset. But it’s not enough to do the math. Leaders must be united in fearlessly talking about the growth or loss of the customer asset at their team meetings. Unity in this messaging is what creates the impact.

Take these actions in unison across the leadership team. When consistently executed with commitment, the “Customers as Assets” message has powerful results. It connects the customer experience work to the higher purpose of the business.

Deliver united leadership team communication that focuses on “Customers as Assets.”

  • Every leader starts their meetings with employees by fearlessly sharing the growth or loss of the customer asset in that period.
  • Evolve leadership messaging from “getting the score” to “earning the right to Customer Asset Growth.”

Put the ‘Voice of the Customer’ in the ear of leaders.

Establish “One Company” rewards for customer asset growth.

  • Transform to an overall customer experience success metric of company-wide performance in customer asset growth. The true measure of customer experience success is customers voting with their feet to stay or go.

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