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Jeanne's Books

I Love You More Than My Dog:
Five Decisions To Drive Extreme Customer Loyalty in Good Times and Bad

Understand how your company can move from being an “everyday” company to a “beloved” company. Learn from 45 decision case studies that created a beloved culture. Then compare your decisions and take action - to build committed customers, employees and business prosperity.

Chief Customer Officer:
Getting Past Lip Service to Passionate Action

This book provides a complete roadmap for customer leadership. Translated to five languages, it’s frequently the first resource newly “minted” Chief Customer Officers / Chief Experience Officers reach for to succeed in their positions.

Manager Led Meetings, Workshops and Huddles

Culture Kick-Start:
45 Cards to Change Your Culture
Please note, the Culture Kick-Start cards will be mailed separately.

This culture “Decision Deck” provides you with content for 45 Meetings, Morning Huddles or Team Exercises. Adapted from the challenge questions and 45 case studies from Jeanne’s book, “I Love You More than My Dog: Five Decisions for Extreme Customer Loyalty in Good Times and Bad. ” The front of each card is a challenge question on a key decision. The back guides managers and leaders on how to hold a meeting or huddle to explore and drive your culture in the direction of beloved companies. These cards prompt culture development and action through: evaluating what decisions you are currently making, choosing decisions your team members can make individually and collectively to improve, and driving accountability for taking action.

$100.00 Decision Deck

BELIEVE "In a Box":
Nurture a Culture of Belief Shared by the Beloved Companies

This comprehensive “kit” – which includes diagnostics, Jeanne Bliss on video bringing to life examples, case studies and lessons, and activities and tools -- is designed to enable leaders of new and experienced service providers in any sized organization to guide their team through a 2 to 3 hour- session to lay the foundation for the cornerstone of beloved companies: DECIDING TO BELIEVE. This is a workshop to cement the importance of belief in your organization. It will guide managers and leaders in conducting their own session on making decisions and taking actions guided by your intent to believe.


Culture Improvement Tools

Guidelines to Believe In Tool

The “everyday” companies believe rules are necessary for employees to live by. Beloved companies, in contrast, believe rules can be confining. Instead, they find a few simple guidelines to create ownership, freedom and creative involvement in employees. Use the “Right Rule Tool” to determine how to guide your business.


Hire Partners Tool

Put your selection process to the test:  is it rigorous enough to give you the freedom to trust who you hire?  This tool provides a process and a set of helpful questions to help you DECIDE TO BELIEVE your employees from the get-go!


Hire For Culture Fit Tool

Beloved companies who DECIDE WITH CLARITY OF PURPOSE understand the importance of selecting not only qualified employees, but employees who “fit.” This tool provides a process and suggested interview questions and techniques to hire for cultural fit…and for life!


Culture Improvement Training Videos:
Embedding the Five Decisions of Beloved Companies Into Your Culture

"Beloved" Company Video

What’s Different About A Company that is Beloved and Prosperous? The angst they put into decision making and to honor employees and customers, which makes them grow and prosper.

$0.00 No Charge (My treat)

Impact of Beloved Companies Video

The decisions of beloved companies deliver financially as well as create prosperity of the human spirit. Employees stay and become increasingly valuable to the business. Customers become the army that grows the company for them.

$0.00 No Charge ( My treat )

Decide to Believe

Decide to Believe Video and Culture Tool.
Beloved companies trust their customers and their employees. Having this ability is the foundation which nurtures an environment of employees who want to stick around, and customers who gravitate to employees and a company who honor them.

Please note, this video is included in the BELIEVE "In a Box" product.


Decide with Clarity of Purpose

Decide with Clarity of Purpose Video and Culture Tool.
Beloved companies take the time to be clear about what their unique promise is for customers. Clarity of purpose guides choices and unites the organization.