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Light a Fire, Clear the Log-Jam & Get the "Aha!" Light Going On

A seasoned customer loyalty speaker, Jeanne walks through proven approaches for building the delivery of experiences that create wow moments with customers. As your customer service speaker, she focuses companies on how they can transform themselves by uniting their operation, inspiring their people, and delivering memories customers want to repeat and tell everyone they know about.

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Customer Loyalty Speaker

Friday November 4, 2011 4:30pm


The Stevie Awards, organizer of the world’s premier business awards programs, has issued a 2012 call for entries for the 6th Annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service.  Entry kits and complete details on the competition are available at


Private Event: CEO Close Up - An Electric Cooperative Executive Leadership Summit, January 9-11, 2011


December 8, 2010



Radio: Q&A with Jeanne on Social Geek Radio
August 19, 2010

Customer Loyalty Speaker

Become A Company Customers
Love And Can’t Live Without

What’s on the inside shows up on the outside...
And that means C-U-L-T-U-R-E.

The five decisions
of beloved and prosperous companies.

Hundreds of companies have customers who admire them, but only an elite few have true advocates – passionate, vocal, loyal fans – who tell the stories of their experiences and about how much they “love” them.

Go “behind the scenes” of the decision making that goes on inside beloved companies.  Discover the five common decisions they make and put into practice that makes them immune to the competition and thriving, in good times and bad.  Learn how their culture is  their growth engine.  Learn the impact of their uncommon decision making.  Then, through this session, begin the process to understand how your decisions and actions have created your culture.  Understand its impact on your customers, on your employees and on your business growth and prosperity. See how far or close you are to earning business outcomes compared to beloved and prosperous companies.


  • Do your decisions today earn your company beloved status?
  • What decisions beloved companies make to honor employees and customers.
  • How beloved companies’ have clarity for how they impact customers’ lives.
  • How they decide to drop the corporate veneer and bond personally customers.
  • What decisions drive reliability, peace-of-mind and growth.
  • How they decide to make saying sorry an important “peace process.”

Filled with as many suggested actions as anecdotes, this content demystifies and creates clarity on the road less traveled by beloved companies. It gives you a path to follow in their footsteps --  a path that is right for you, for your company, and for your people.

Customer Service Speaker

Customize Your Content:

  • With pre-meeting or post-meeting Audio MP3 overviews of the five decisions
  • Have participants take the high level diagnostic: “Are we beloved?”
  • Pre-work that prepares the mindset for learning such creating customized challenge questions based on your selection from the book of the examples that will resonate most for your audience.
  • You pick which of the 45 case studies to be presented from the book.
  • Discounted pricing and option of customizing copies of “I Love You More than My Dog: Five Decisions for Extreme Customer Loyalty in Good Times and Bad” for your audience.
  • Follow-up tools and products to work-out elements identified as action items in the presentation.

Customize Delivery :

This content can be delivered as a keynote or more in-depth workshop to help you achieve your meeting goals:

  • Executive Engagement. Take the mystery out of what customer “culture” is.  Draw a clear correlation between culture and business results.  Gain commit- ment and create clarity for the actions to move ahead.
  • Company-wide Meeting. Introduce or gain momentum.  Use the time to jump start stalling efforts, or motivate people to keep moving forward.
  • Team Or Cross-Functional Team Meeting. Use the session to evaluate, understand and improve the customer culture of your team or teams.
Wow Moments

Make Your DNA Revolve Around Customers.

Get past the lip service to earn your customers’ rave…

Deliver an experience your customers will want to repeat and tell everyone they know about!

Companies and leaders genuinely want to do the right thing for customer and the business, yet competing operational priorities make it difficult to focus on delivering a meaningful customer experience day in and day out.

“Customer” companies have a remarkable capacity to blend agendas across the organization to deliver a coordinated and meaningful experience to customers. Most companies want to get there.  Few arrive at the destination.

Learn the most powerful actions to take, and in what order to take them!

This valuable and compelling content, adapted from Jeanne Bliss’s best-selling book, “Chief Customer Officer: Getting Past Lip Service to Passionate Action,” is part of a learning journey designed to help you focus on what’s most important for delivering meaningful customer experiences that drive profitability and growth.  It’s not about a point in time; it’s about a process that leads to customer rave.

You will walk away with strategies and tools customized to build powerful customer relations and clarity for leaders on how to create partnerships and motivate employees. Audiences receive practical advice, actions, and ideas for how to reset the way they work together to make customers the priority of the business.


  • What drives your organization’s priorities, meeting agendas, and metrics?
  • How can you inspire and instill accountability across functions?
  • What’s your “power core” – your strongest skill set driving your agenda?
  • How to lay your foundation for customer experience delivery

A few reviews…


Once again I would like to thank you very much for your presentation.
It exceeds the expectations for all of us. It’s amazing, especially considering that the expectations weren’t small!!
Thank you for joining us on this journey!
Um abraço!
(In English it means ‘a hug’)

--Monsanto Portugal


Thanks again for your ongoing inspiration!
Just the process itself has been a great learning for the organization.

-- BC Hydro

Hi Jeanne:

I wanted to thank you for your presentation at the Direct Summit. Our delegates found your insight informative and energizing – great way to kick off the conference.  I personally enjoyed it and have been a champion of this ideology both internally and externally when consulting with our retailers.

-- Canada Post


You provided us with clear direction and a practical roadmap to begin our journey to improve our customer experience. I continue to refer to “Chief Customer Officer” as THE BOOK - our Bible for Customer Engagement"!

-- Johnson & Johnson Vision Care


You immediately charged up my team and put us on a course for success!  In one session, you turned around our thinking.

-- Karyn Furstman, Senior Vice President Customer Experience, Chase

"From the moment Jeanne begins to speak, you feel a rush of energy and the passion of 25 years of intense customer focus packed into her five-foot frame.“

-- Bob Johnson, Chief Customer Officer, Century Furniture Corporation

"If you are looking to light up a couple thousand people with the value of doing what is right for your customers, look no further.  Jeanne Bliss is has that rarest of talents -- being an operationally driven visionary.  She's a bottle-rocket wrapped inside a book of customer wisdom“

-- Mike Mansbach, Senior Vice President, Citrix Online


Your presentation was a highlight of the conference.  Thank you for an informative and entertaining presentation.

-- Raymond Peter Zambuto, President Technology in Medicine, Inc

Hi Jeanne,

I attended the Bank Systems & Technology webinar

I’m not sure if you received feedback from the organizer; however, I wanted to let you know, it was the best webinar I ever attended!

I normally multi-task during these webinars. However, I didn’t move from the screen on your presentation. You provided excellent information and I liked the action steps provided after each point.

Having a father who owned a deli and grocery store in NY, I learned early on the importance of serving the customer. Your message hits home. )

-- Best Regards, Rich

This work is my passion…I love talking about it!

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