Repair the Emotional Connection When Things Go Wrong

By suspending fear and taking a leap of faith that customers get that we are human and mistakes sometimes happen,  beloved companies  solve the problem. They repair the connection and earn the right to grow.

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2 thoughts on “Repair the Emotional Connection When Things Go Wrong

  1. Jeff Toister says:

    The emotional connection, as you point out, is key.

    One barrier is much of customer service is oriented towards the rational issue. “I have a billing problem” leads an employee to explore and fix the billing issue, instinctively steering away from the unspoken “I’m frustrated by this billing problem.”

    It’s hard to train ourselves to focus in on the emotions, can it can be done.

    1. jeanne says:

      Hi Jeff
      The big thing that happens of course is that we usually just work one customer at a time to fix the problem, or try to make it go away anyway for that single customer.

      The real work is ‘fixing the company’ to ensure no one else needs to contact the company for that issue! Even that is wonky sometimes though – as the billing department is handed the problem to solve. But as you know Jeff, the billing experience involves multiple silos working together to make it end to end. Often these internal projects are ‘fixed’ from an inside out perspective and then everyone feels happy bc they’ve checked that action item off!

      Ah…this is our work! Connect those silos!


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