3 Downloadable Resources to Help You Earn Customer-Driven Growth

Are you doing all that you can to help your company earn customer-driven growth? The key word here, is, earn. You can earn customer growth by anticipating their needs, extending patience, and showing respect at all times. This is a topic I address in my latest book, Would You Do That To Your Mother?

My goal with the book is to help you focus your decision making and actions on what matters most so you can inspire new behaviors inside of your company. These new behaviors will impact how your employees treat customers, ultimately driving positive change and growth.

I’ve been sharing business lessons to help you “make mom proud” from my book, and along the way, we’ve created some companion downloadable resources for you as extra takeaways. Here, I’ve compiled these resources for your convenience along with a link to its supporting blog post. First, I suggest you take the Make Mom Proud audit to see where your company currently stands and to see if you’re on your way to becoming a beloved company. Enjoy!

3 Actions to Unite Internal and Customer-Facing Departments

Download the #MakeMomProud Quiz

Audit your  company with 32 questions that measure how beloved of a company you are, and discover whether you are earning admirable growth based on behaviors defined in Jeanne Bliss' new book, Would You Do That To Your Mother.


Hire People With the Ability to Care: A #MakeMomProud Study

A Guide to Hiring People That Care

Would you ever tell your mom you don’t care?
Today’s technology and resources have allowed consumers to engage with a company at a deeper level which has made how you hire and who you hire a top priority for business growth.

Discover these 5 tips on how to hire people who care.


A #MakeMomProud Action Toolkit: 3 Steps to Earn Trust with “No Surprises” Language

✔ Unite your team around understanding the customers' experience
✔ Focus on actions that build trust
✔ Build a plan together that allows your company to fix the paperwork rigmarole



SIMPLIFY YOUR LANGUAGE TO EARN YOUR CUSTOMERS' TRUST. Sign up below to download this toolkit that includes a short video, a case study, discussion guide, and more.

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